Why on Instagram does not show contacts from the phone (synchronization is enabled)

Why on Instagram does not show contacts from the phone (synchronization is enabled). In the current article, we will analyze the causes of this bug. We also pay attention to methods of solving the problem..

why in the instagram does not show contacts from the phone

With the introduction by Facebook of access to contact monitoring, mass protests of fans of photo hosting intensified. But time passed, and the people got used to the new “trick”. Moreover, viewing the phone book was considered a convenient thing when discovering friends profiles..

When synchronization occurs, the list of subscribers is placed in the FB database. As soon as a person creates an account, the program sends a notification in automatic mode. However, this option is valid if the update of activity information on Instagram is enabled..

Why on Instagram does not show phone contacts

why in the instagram does not show contacts from the phone although synchronization is enabled

Based on the fact that many users of Insta encounter an error, it is clear that the problems are observed in the social network system itself. Since the beginning of September this year, insta participants have received complaints about the lack of customer information in their mobile phones. Consider how the problem manifests itself on gadgets running various operating systems.

On iphone

Why doesn’t I show the contacts from the Iphone on Instagram? There may be several reasons for this incident:

  • lack of connection of the number with the account of your friends, because of which the user will not receive notification of registration of a new member;
  • disabled synchronization on the device of the user of the social network;
  • official customer malfunction.

To resume the correct action of the utility, restart the synchronization:

  • launch your personal account;
  • select the ellipsis symbol;
  • go to the device configuration;
  • tap in the application on the “Account” button;
  • check “Contact Sync”;
  • click on the attach switch;
  • touch the word “Disable”.

Then do the same sequence of steps, only at the last stage activate the “Connect contacts” slider.

On Android

When searching for a person’s account, the preliminary addition of a mobile number is mandatory. Yes, the method is valid for those friends or organizations whose coordinates are indicated in the gadget’s memory. Then there will be no annoying situations related to why the contacts are not shown on Instagram. From the phone to synchronize the list of people entered in the phone book will not be difficult:

  • click on the avatar in the lower right;
  • click on the ellipsis to see the settings menu;
  • select the line “Detect people”;
  • touch the word “Contacts”;
  • tap on the inscription for joining people, and then on the words “Allow access”;
  • mark “Subscribe” next to the person’s name, which is shown in the “Contacts” section. At the current stage, monitoring is available for those who claim to be in your followers (section “Offered”);
  • finally, click on the configuration button below to enter the basic settings;
  • tap Follow and invite friends.

How to fix this error?

why in the instagram does not show contacts from the phone although synchronization

To get rid of the bug, take a step back by installing the previous program specification so that the software finds people, as before:

  • delete the installed version of the messenger;
  • Download the previous client performance from Play Store or Ep Store. For Android, it is easier to find the application – the necessary link is located on the website www.trashbox.ru/link/instagram-android;
  • set a ban on the automatic upgrade of Instagram.

Why on Instagram does not show contacts from the phone? It is possible to solve a similar problem while waiting for the next update. There is a chance that the developers will fix the bug, and look at the demonstration of contacts in the account media platform.

Necessary actions

This method is similar to the previously discussed scheme, only a simple reinstallation of the current current version is assumed. Open the tab with utilities in the mobile device. Remove Instagram using the standard method. Next, go to the online store, download and install the latest specification. Turn on contact sync and check the device for errors.