How to delete a promotion on Instagram

How to delete a promotion on Instagram is a question that interests owners of photoset profiles. This is a special advertising company that is used for the effective promotion of your account, goods sold or services rendered. This article provides information on how to remove a useful option, how to act depending on the reason for the lack of result.

how to remove a promotion on instagram

How to remove Instagram promotion?

To carry out such an operation, a person will not be required to perform complex actions or significant time costs. Such manipulations should be performed as:

  1. A button with a heart is pressed, where the ribbon with likes, subscriptions and comments is located.
  2. Going to the section with advertising management.
  3. The posts that are on the promotion are being opened.
  4. The button of the publication that is advancing at the time of the operation is pressed.
  5. The user is redirected to the publication menu, which contains information on promotion.
  6. The three-dot icon is activated, after which a new menu is displayed..
  7. Promotion removed.

A similar operation should be done with all records requiring deletion..

If she is not approved

If a person wants to remove early advertising publications as unnecessary, if it is necessary to stop running advertising, the operation of how to delete a promotion in an instagram can be performed using this method:

  • Go to your Ads Manager account. This is the tab where the owner of the profile paid for the share;
  • Goes to the Billing menu, which means payment management;
  • Here you need to find the previously selected method for paying for ads and delete the one that is no longer needed;
  • The desired action is confirmed.

After this operation, funds intended for advertising payment will no longer be debited from the account. The post itself will stop moving.

how to remove unapproved promotion on instagram

If blocked FB

If a user has recently made a business profile from a personal page in insta, certain problems can occur if you want to start promoting. They can express themselves in a blocking promotion.

If this happened, you can’t do without deleting the post. You will have to act according to the standard scheme. To avoid such problems in the future, it is worthwhile to understand the reasons that may become the basis for blocking:

  1. Login failed. In this case, you need to exit the page and log in again using the previously set authorization information..
  2. Once again, make sure that the company profile is connected on the page. You can do this by checking profile activity..
  3. Advertising may not work due to the closing of the pages of one of the social networks – FB or insty.
  4. Lack of required cash.

If the advertisement was blocked due to lack of funds, it is not necessary to immediately remove the promotion. Enough to replenish the account. For this purpose, the user must perform the following steps:

  • Going to Adsmanager. Then the transition to Billing is made, where the account is topped up;
  • A button is added to add the method of the desired payment. Available options for replenishing an account will be listed here;
  • The best option is selected and the required details are entered..

At the end of this operation, you must confirm the payment. Funds to promote the stock in the required amount will be transferred to the balance sheet. As a supplement, a page refresh may be required. For this purpose, you need to log out of your account and log in again..

Via facebook

If there was an error deleting the promotion on Instagram, you can act through the FB. This version of the action gives the result, since the profiles of insta and FB are closely related. For this reason, when working with advertising, one cabinet is created between two social networks. Through this tab you can track movements on the resource.

Equally easy to remove promoted publication due to this connection. To perform this operation, a person must go to Ads Manager or Business Manager. Next, open the option to view the account. With the help of a mouse, it becomes gray from blue, that is, inactive. Due to this, the display of the advertising campaign will be stopped, but if there is no deletion error.

It should be understood that the content does not disappear instantly. You will have to wait for the result, and after a few minutes everything will work out. If after performing this manipulation the user is sure that he will no longer be engaged in advertising campaigns, he can untie the payment data from the profile.

How to remove an unapproved promotion?

Such an advertising post requires mandatory removal, so that by mistake the user has not been withdrawn funds. There can be many reasons for this disapproval:

  1. The owner of the profile hurried up with the launch of the promotion. She was not thought through to the end and is able to bring not good, but harm.
  2. The information product was not appreciated by representatives of Central Asia, on which the publication was configured. This is usually reflected in the form of negative comments and a complete lack of likes..
  3. The presence in the text that accompanies the advertising publication of errors. A competent advertising post, from which it is planned to get a result, should not contain spelling and syntax errors.
  4. Incorrect calculations of the advertising budget for the promotion. Beginners are faced with a similar problem quite often. They spare time for adjustments.
  5. Incorrect target parameters were set. If the post does not attract the right audience, there may be problems with attracting users for money.
  6. Organized action to promote the publication does not give a positive result. The funds go away quickly enough, but there is no influx of potential buyers and subscribers. In such a situation, you need to wait a bit, give the system time to analyze the situation and then create a new product.

how to remove a promotion on instagram

If the advertisement in the profile was not accepted for one of the listed reasons, it must be canceled and a new product launched. The operation to close the promo is carried out according to standard instructions, through a section with an individual advertising account. If the software writes an error, and the promotion on Instagram is not deleted, you should contact support.

Error deleting promotions on Instagram

The user must understand that the above manipulations associated with the closing of the action, when it needs to be stopped, sometimes do not bring the intended result. This is often manifested if the FB is blocked. In this case, you can judge the presence of an error..

To avoid this and to prevent wasting time and nerves when the object is not removed, cancellation of the action after the end must be carried out correctly. This is done as follows:

  • You need to go to instu;
  • The necessary publication approved for promotion is selected, it is visible as active;
  • Under it there will be a menu with viewing the progress;
  • Having opened the view, you need to activate the delete option.

After performing these manipulations, the display will present a description of the consequences of the removal of the post that I previously wanted to promote. The operation must be confirmed by clicking OK. If the software gives an error, you will need to contact support by starting a letter with the words – I can’t delete the action and why this problem occurs.

To summarize

Stopping an advertising working or unapproved promotion in your account, you need to know the reasons that may lead to this. This will avoid problems in the future. Among the common reasons, it is possible to highlight incorrect settings in the instagram, post errors, negative audience reaction. After the operation, you need to follow the payment data for payment on facebook. Experts recommend that after completing the operation, untie the card from the office. A new binding is easy to implement, so do not neglect this recommendation.