What do the icons on Instagram mean, how they decipher and their types

The user starting to learn the application wants to know what are the icons on instagram, what they mean. The social network has a large number of functions and is constantly evolving. Symbols for actions have also undergone some changes from the day the program was created..

What do the icons in the instagram mean – their decoding

Some difficulty in understanding what the icons on instagram mean is made by their image. Often, characters are not associated in people with actions that are hidden behind them. Intuitive decryption may not work, functions need to be checked in practice.

What does the flag mean?

The flag symbol is located directly below the publication in the lower right and indicates bookmarking. The function was introduced relatively recently, but managed to be fond of by users. Adding a post to your bookmarks has a positive effect on your account statistics, so many bloggers are actively encouraging you to add your post to your favorites.

You can activate the checkbox by a simple click, in which case the post will go to the shared folder. And you can divide your favorites list into folders by category. You can add to a specific folder by long pressing and then selecting a destination.

what does the flag in instagram mean

What does the red circle mean?

If you look into the story feed, you can see that most of the avatars are circled in red. It means that there are stories in the profile that have not yet been viewed by the user. When you click on the avatar, the story will begin playing. When all are viewed, the circle changes color to white. And it turns red again only when you add a new photo or video.

what does the red circle on instagram mean

What does airplane mean

The airplane on Instagram is responsible for the posts. Depending on the location, it can serve for the following:

  1. In the upper right corner of the home page, it is designed to go to direct. This is where you exchange messages with other users..
  2. Under publication, an airplane is needed to be able to share it within a social network. Just select the person you want from the list or enter the username. Or add a publication to your story.
  3. In story the airplane is located below and is needed to send it to friends.

what do the icons in the instagram decryption mean

By sharing a post or story, you can make a signature on the material to be sent..

What does the blue icon next to the name mean?

An account is authenticated with a blue icon next to the name. Previously, it was only given to the official pages of large companies, but now many bloggers have begun to receive a blue tick. The confirmation is intended to protect against the spread of information on behalf of another person.

Theoretically, verification can all pass public figures, brands, organizations, in practice, not everyone can get a check mark. A confirmation request can be sent through the settings:

  1. Find the item “Account”.
  2. Select Request Confirmation.
  3. Fill out the form below and attach a photo of your personal document.

what does the airplane mean in instagram under the photo

What do the icons in statistics mean?

Access to instagram statistics is available only to business account owners. General profile statistics are opened by clicking on the three vertical bars in the top menu of the personal page. You can also see hotel statistics and history.

Of the icons there are:

  • a heart denoting the number of likes;
  • airplane – the number of friends who went post;
  • dialogue cloud reflects comments;
  • checkbox – the number of addings to favorites;
  • eye in statistics storis means the number of views.

Any user can find out the number of views of a story even without switching to a professional account.

what do the icons in the instagram under the photo mean

What does the crossed out sound sign mean

The crossed-out sound icon can be found in the direct dialog next to the nickname. It means that messages from this user come without alerts. If necessary, you can change this:

  1. Open a dialogue with a friend.
  2. Find the letter “i” in the upper right corner.
  3. Turn off the switch.

What do the Instagram icons mean?

Symbols of actions are designed to make work on Instagram simple and not clutter up the social network with unnecessary inscriptions. They are used everywhere:

  • in story;
  • when shooting video and photo:
  • in private messages;
  • to indicate possible operations with the publication;
  • in the main menu of the application.

I would also like to dwell on the decoding of what the icons under the photo in the instagram mean..

What do the icons under the photo mean

All instagram users have to use the signs under the photo daily. In total, under the post there are 4 characters:

  1. Heart – like. Serves as a way to express a positive attitude towards publication.
  2. Cloud of dialogue allows you to go to the comments..
  3. Aircraft serves as a means of sending a post in PM or for publication in its history.
  4. A checkbox is needed to add entries to favorites.

The icons under the photo do not change: under each publication you can find the standard set. If you remember all the signs, using a social network will be easier.

What do the Instagram icons mean?