Why can’t I post comments on Instagram live and how to turn them off

Why can’t I write live on Instagram? The problem is faced by both beginners and regular users of the social network who like to watch live broadcasts and ask questions to the presenter.

Why can not I write live on Instagram

Comments are a kind of thread that connects the person conducting the broadcast with his audience. The problem with unavailability of comments can be related to:

  • Too many different hashtags in the posted comment;
  • Violation of the established rules by the broadcasting host (obscene expressions, etc.);
  • Posting comments and nicknames of other users in the comments.

If these rules have been violated, the lock will be temporary. As a result, you can comment on the live broadcast in the near future.

remove comments on instagram live

Also, the problem with unavailability of comments can be related to:

  • The phone has an outdated version of the software. Go to the app store and update Instagram;
  • If you are watching the broadcast from a computer, check the version of the browser you are using, it may also need to be updated;
  • Clear your Instagram cache. You can do this either through the settings of the application itself, or through the settings of the smartphone.

If the problem persists after all the completed operations, try contacting support.

How to disable live comments

The live comment off feature has been added in one of the latest app updates. If you want to broadcast, but do not want to receive and read comments from viewers, simply turn off this feature.

To disable the commenting function, you must:

  1. Click on your story icon to add a new one;
  2. Go to the “Live” section to start the broadcast;
  3. During the broadcast, click on the gear icon, and then turn off the ability to comment for all viewers or for individual users.

how to disable instagram live comments

Wondering why I can’t post comments on Instagram live? Perhaps the presenter has limited the ability to comment on the broadcast for you or for all users. If the comments of other viewers are displayed on the screen, and for you the window for adding a record is not available, only your account has been blocked.

How to disable comments when watching live

Often users simply watch the content live without reading or leaving comments under the post. To prevent labels, hearts and pop-up notifications from interfering with viewing, you can turn off the comment window.

To hide comments, you need to click on the comment icon with the stop icon at the bottom of the screen, pressing it again will activate the function again.

The method works the same on smartphones and computers.

With the help of comments, you not only conduct a kind of dialogue with the broadcast host, but also notify the user that you are interested in the live broadcast that he launched. In addition to comments for interaction with the audience, you can arrange joint broadcasts with specific viewers.