Is it visible who watched the video on Instagram, but did not like and was not signed

Is it visible on Instagram who watched the video? Almost all those registered on the social network are interested in this question, especially those who are engaged in maintaining a public page and monitor which publications are gaining the most number of likes. Below we will look at how to see who exactly came in and watched your videos, how the display is carried out in applications on Android and iPhone.

can anyone see the video on instagram

Who watched the video on my page

There are a lot of secrets on Instagram, most of which are inaccessible and unknown to ordinary users because of the strict confidentiality of the administration of the social network administration.

If the video is simply published in the stream, a list of people who rated the video is available, impressions are displayed simply in numbers without mentioning specific accounts.

If you want to determine which user is interested in your page, it’s better to put the video in history. Then when you open the entry in the lower left corner, you can click on the eye icon with the number of current impressions. A list of people who viewed stories will open, statistics will be displayed for all “guests”, and not just for those people who are in the subscribers on your page.

Access is open even if the story is loaded in the “Current” section.

Who did not like

Is it visible on Instagram who watched the video but did not like it? If the video was published in the usual way by adding a post through the feed, when reviewing the statistics, you will be able to see subscribers who not only viewed the post, but also like it.

If the user just looked at the record, but did not put “Liked” under it, it will not work out in any way.

can anyone see the video on instagram

Who is not signed

Only your subscribers can view your post, like it and comment on the post if the account is closed and access to all publications is opened only after confirmation of the intention of another user to subscribe to you. As a result, only followers will be displayed in the list of “crawled” your post.

Much easier things are with open accounts and public pages. Information from the account and all published posts with videos are available to everyone registered on the social network, as a result, anyone can like it.

For open pages in the list of likes not only subscribers, but also other accounts that like the post are displayed, while viewing the entire list of views will not work, in this case.

How to see who watched the video on Instagram on Android

To find out which user watched the video on your page and liked the post, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account through the application on your smartphone with your username and password.
  2. Use the bottom menu to go to your page.
  3. In the list of all posts and publications, select the record whose statistics you are interested in..
  4. Under the video, click on “… views” (where “…” are views at the time of acquaintance with the statistics);
  5. The Views and Like menu opens. Information on the views will be displayed in the upper part, a list of subscribers who are interested in the recording and put the coveted Like will be presented below.

is it visible in the instagram who watched the video in the tape

How to see who watched the video on Instagram on iPhone

The process of familiarization with the number of views and likes under the video on the iPhone is similar to Android devices. On gadgets, the user is also available only partial statistics without specifying the accounts that watched the record.

Viewing statistics on likes and subscriptions is available only to users who use the mobile application. In the desktop version of the site, when starting from a computer, only information about views is indicated without specifying the data on likes among followers.