Instagram registration through VK: step by step instructions

Signing up for Instagram through VC is an important procedure for users, but it is not known whether it can be carried out. The popularity of the question is based on the fact that access to the photoset page through third-party portals allows you to save time; you do not need to fill out a questionnaire. This article gives the answer whether it is possible to conduct the registration process in insta via VC. Having studied the information presented, it will turn out without difficulty to make an account on the social network.

Registration Instagram through VK

The official administration of the photoset has now not presented the opportunity to authorize through the resource. Allowed only go through facebook or by mobile number.

The application must be found and downloaded from one of the sites – Play market, App store, Market Place. These clients and utilities are distributed free of charge. It is not possible to create a profile through VK on a computer. But insta pretty dough interacts with portal profiles. After opening a social network, two options will be presented to you by entering the user’s personal section:

  1. Facebook.
  2. Phone number.

When registering and compiling a password, the system will make it clear that you can not use not only VK, but also Odnoklassniki. Those who wish to register using this method will not be able to do anything, but only use the allowed options.

registration on instagram via vk

Register Instagram from a computer through VK

If you install instu on a PC, you can use the interaction through a special Russian social resource. The step-by-step instruction in the application looks like this:

  1. The profile opens in the software on the phone.
  2. Goes to Settings.
  3. The system will transfer to the network section, where all VK and FB friends are represented.
  4. By clicking on one of the corresponding buttons, a person will automatically subscribe to people that are presented in a special list of friends.

This operation can be confirmed through a computer. To do this, click Allow. You can add buddies or selectively subscribe to specific individuals whose photos you plan to track. When choosing the option, registration on Instagram through VK is carried out in the same way. The difference is Facebook authorization.

Page users are offered another useful option for a smartphone. It is associated with the transfer of photos from VK to instu. To do this, the following steps are performed:

  • Login and click on the reduced avatar.
  • Moving to a section for editing. Here data is changed and certain columns are added to personal profiles.
  • On the right is a list of categories, you will need to select “Contacts” in it.
  • Below is a link designed to integrate with other services.
    By clicking on this button, in the list presented, select the link for setting up integration.
  • The program will require authorization, you must give the appropriate permission.
  • After that, a window will appear where the photo is selected, what is planned to be transferred.
  • The result must be saved..

Full registration through the VK service is not possible. However, many other options are open to users..

registration on instagram

From phone

All that can be done in the process of interacting with the two profiles presented is the best way to look for mutual friends. For this purpose, the following manipulations are performed:

  1. Login to the account in the application.
  2. Go to settings on Android.
  3. The person appears on the page where you can subscribe to numerous users of the FB or VK.
  4. To find friends in insta or VK, you need to choose it.
  5. Logging in to the VK profile.

A list with friends to subscribe to will be presented..
If you want to import photos from insta to VK, you should perform such manipulations as:

  • Go to page;
  • Activation of the edit button;
  • The option with contacts is pressed;
  • A section with the integration of other services is selected. Insta is clicked here;
  • Authorization in progress;
  • Choose where the photos are imported – to the wall or to a thematic album;
  • The operation is saved using the Finish button..

Before you bind, you should download it from the catalog of a special store on the same day, where different software is located and downloaded.

Sign up for Instagram through VK

When performing such an operation, initially you need to click on the Open button and register. After that, the following statement is executed:

  1. In the window presented to attention, select Create profile;
  2. Last name and first name, mobile number are entered in a special form.

Instagram registration through vk

When filling out the form, it is desirable to indicate real data, especially the phone. If a person accidentally loses data from the entrance, you can restore it yourself. So that friends and work colleagues can quickly find the owner of the Instagram profile, it is advisable to choose a nickname that fully reflects the essence of the user or the business that is planned to be performed.

To summarize

You can’t open an insta account via VKontakte today. A person can simply synchronize resources, log in and transfer subscribers and friends from one page to another. Once you have linked accounts at your disposal, you can effectively share publications and images, like and comment.