How to watch live on Instagram anonymously

How to watch the broadcast on Instagram anonymously? A function in which most users of a social network are interested. In fact, watching the broadcast with complete anonymity will not work, especially if no more than 10-15 people watch the user at the time of joining the broadcast.

how to watch live on instagram anonymously

How to watch live anonymously on Instagram?

In order not to give out your presence when watching a live broadcast, you must not show any activity after entering the live broadcast. If you do not leave comments, like and respond to the broadcast, it is likely to be able to remain anonymous.

The user who conducts the broadcast can only find out the number of viewers without specifying who is currently connected to the broadcast. As a result, the name of the viewer is displayed only at the time of joining the live broadcast, when leaving comments and any other activity.

It is easiest to maintain anonymity using the method described above if more than 50 people view and actively comment on the broadcast. Your nickname with the inscription “Joined the broadcast” is simply lost among all the comments.

Can I watch live anonymously

There is another way to view the broadcast on Instagram while maintaining complete anonymity. The advantage of this method is that to view the live broadcast on a social network you don’t even need to log in using your username and password.

how to watch live anonymously on instagram

To view the broadcasts anonymously it will be necessary to download and install the Telegram application on a smartphone.

How to watch live on Instagram anonymously:

  1. We go into the messenger application and create an account if you have not used the application before. The program is completely in English, but it can be Russified using a bot.
  2. We go to the “Contacts” section, in the search bar drive @igspybot, add the bot to the contacts.
  3. We click on the bot icon in the contacts to start the dialogue.
  4. We send the bot a message indicating the user’s nickname on the social network Instagram, the broadcast of which you want to watch while maintaining anonymity. Before the nickname, do not forget to put the @ icon.
  5. Choose the desired broadcast from the proposed options.

The proposed content can either be viewed immediately or saved to a smartphone for later viewing. Anonymity when using the method of 100%. Your nickname and page link will not be indicated anywhere.

how to anonymously watch live on instagram

Using the bot in Telegram is completely safe, it does not require any personal or contact information, it simply provides access to the desired content anonymously and for free. You can also try to use this method if you want to watch live broadcast with limited access..