How to watch Instagram on Instagram without registering

You can watch Storeys on Instagram without registering without paying attention to the ongoing accounting of user activity. We are talking about maintaining affixed likes, written comments and other manifestations of user indifference to the account.

Let’s see how to get around getting into such statistics without authorizing or registering on the Instagram website. For this, resources on the Internet or special applications come to the rescue.

how to watch story in instep one step

How to watch Instagram Stories without registering

Before looking at a list of programs or sites, take a look at a quick way to anonymously monitor content. Telegram robots provide access to the content of Storeys to an unauthorized contingent. It’s just that a person will detect the presence of “invisibility” in his personal profile, but will not know who it was.

Is free

So, first type a search query on a social network – @IGSpyBot. Then do the following:

  • send a notification to the selected bot, where write down the name of the account you are interested in;
  • The list of Instagram Storis, available for viewing without registration, will be displayed in a couple of minutes – select the appropriate videos;
  • upload publications to your mobile gadget.

Another bot providing incognito monitoring services is @Instasave_bot. It acts in the same way as @IGSpyBot. The only difference is the selection of Storeys, which claims to be downloaded from the Web.

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How to watch Storys on Instagram from a computer without registering

Now the promised services for viewing the contents of profiles. allows you to do two things at once:

  • anonymously see other people’s stories;
  • save your favorite entries in the device memory.

On the main page of the resource, specify the name of the profile and click on Enter to start a person search. You will see a link to your personal account and the Highlights section. When you click on the query results, a list of clips is downloaded to the computer, where you can download the necessary files. is a service in Russian that focuses a large number of Insta account management tools in its arsenal. He knows how to show Storeys to anonymous visitors..

On the website of the specified monitoring tool, type the name of the profile or the initials of the person of interest to view the History on Instagram without registration. After entering a name or link, click on the inscription “View”. Everything, the materials of the messenger participants for a given request are available in the search results!

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How to watch Storys on Instagram from a phone without registering

A mobile development called Story Reposter is located in the online store Ep Stor and is intended for owners of smartphones based on iOS. English interface intuitive.

When the application opens, indicate the name of the person whose stories you want to capture. Click on the “Search” button and the program will display results that match your query..

When you click on the link of interest, a list of Stories that have not been deleted will be displayed..

Another software helps out users who are devoted to the Android system on the phone. Story Saver is hosted on the Play Market for free. A feature of the application is the demonstration of photos from profiles limited by privacy settings.

By analogy with other similar utilities, prescribe the name of the person. Story Saver supports downloading videos from Instagram Storis. Without registration and authorization, however, you will not be able to repost entries and stories in other media sites.

Search content is broadcast in a grid format that includes three publications in one row. The icon at the top right shows the type of content (photo or video). Avatar, nickname and profile description are also available in search results by Instagram username.

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