How to hide live broadcast on Instagram from some people

How to hide live broadcast on Instagram? The function is useful for ordinary users, bloggers, Internet entrepreneurs who plan to broadcast the current live content to a limited audience. The functionality is available to users of the social network; third-party content on a smartphone or PC is not required to enable restrictions.

how to hide live broadcast on instagram from some people

How to hide the broadcast on Instagram from a person

To make the broadcast in a social network inaccessible to a specific person, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. On the page of your account or in the section with the events feed, go to the add history menu by clicking on the corresponding icon;
  2. Using the bottom menu, select “Live”;
  3. Click on the “Start Broadcast” button;
  4. During the broadcast, click on the icon with the number of users watching your broadcast, among the list of all viewers find the right person and click on the cross next to his nickname.

These manipulations will allow you to block the user, for him the broadcast will be automatically completed and is no longer available. The blocking will continue until the end of the broadcast or until the moment you remove the blocked person from the blacklist.

How to hide live broadcast on Instagram from some people

How to hide live broadcast on instagram from some people? If you want to include only certain subscribers in the broadcast, for example, your friends or relatives, in order to limit access to live broadcast for all other viewers, it is better to use the following method:

  1. Go to the live broadcast section;
  2. Before starting the broadcast, go to the settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  3. Select the item “Hide my stories from …”.
  4. Put checkmarks in front of all users for whom you want to block to hide live broadcast from a person on instagram

Additionally, you can preliminarily add the right people to the “Best Friends” section and start broadcasting live broadcasts only for these users.

How to disable comments in the broadcast

Very often, users of a social network, especially media personalities, tend to hide their broadcasts from users who leave obscene expressions or any other unpleasant things in the comments. In order not to block the broadcast for certain people, you can simply hide the comments so that they do not interfere with your live broadcast.

To deactivate the comment function of live broadcasting, you must:

  1. Start the live broadcast as described above;
  2. Next to the comments field, click on the icon with three dots;
  3. Select “Disable Comments”.how to hide the broadcast on instagram from a person

If necessary, you can enable and return comments back at any convenient time..

With the possibility of limiting the circle of people to whom your broadcast on Instagram will be available, you can no longer worry that unauthorized persons can see personal or confidential information. The function will also be useful if viewers insult you and other users while watching, interfere with the broadcast.