How to find a person on Instagram by photo

There are several ways to find a person on Instagram from a photo. After registering on a social network, users most often begin to search and add to people subscribers they are familiar with or are friends with. In instagram, the process of finding a person is somewhat complicated; during the registration process, neither a real name, nor a surname, nor any other contact information is required.

Instagram photo search

As a result, often a profile photo is the only clue that can help in finding the right profile. No matter how impossible the task may seem, in the age of information technology it is enough to follow a few simple steps to find information about a person from a photo.

How to use google pictures

Google and Yandex search engines currently have search services for similar photos on the Internet. Services look for identical or similar copies of downloaded files.

To find a page on Instagram on a photo in the Google search engine, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the search engine. First make sure that the photo is uploaded to your smartphone or computer;
  2. In the upper right corner of the main page, click on the link “Pictures”;
  3. In the search bar, click on the camera icon (Search by image “;
  4. Go to the tab “Download file”, click on “Browse”, among the files on the computer we find the desired photo;
  5. We wait a few seconds until the file is uploaded to the server and the picture is searched;
  6. The first result will be the image that interests us, then links to pages on the Internet where this photo is published or posted will be placed.

find on instagram photo

If the search is carried out by a unique image, with a high probability the first in the search list will be a link to the profile page on Instagram.

If as a result of the search no information could be found, try using a different photo.

Through Google Pictures, you can search not only by the uploaded photo, but also by the link to the desired photo. To do this, when choosing a file, you do not need to specify a photo on the computer, but insert a link to it on the Internet.


A similar search service in the picture is offered by the Yandex search engine..

How to find a person on Instagram by photo:

  1. Go to the search engine “Yandex”;
  2. Select the “Pictures” tab;
  3. Next to the search bar, click on the camera icon;
  4. You can select a file from the computer by dragging it into the appropriate field, or specify a link to the picture by analogy with the Google picture service.
  5. The search engine will display all the results found;
  6. Check out the suggested links to find the page you are interested in..

Instagram photo search

Other ways to find people on Instagram

There are several more convenient and easy ways to search for users on the social network Instagram:

  1. By user nickname. Knowing the unique nickname from the user’s page, you can find the profile on the social network using the built-in functionality of the mobile application. To search, log in to your profile, in the lower menu go to the search tab (icon with a magnifying glass). We click on the search bar, then select the “Accounts” tab, enter the username.

Search by location. If the user of interest publishes photos indicating the location, you can try to find the profile by tags. To do this, specify the desired coordinates, the social network will offer relevant photos taken in this place.