How to download Storys from Instagram: Android and iPhone

How to download Storis from Instagram using various methods? In the current article, we will deal with the issue of maintaining content from a social network. Own publications are easy to download using the official client.

download instagram story

However, there are situations when you desperately want to place posts of another Insta member in the gadget’s memory. The developers did not provide for downloading other people’s photos, videos or stories.

But for the services of interested users, there are many applications that allow you to get what you want. Let’s see how to save Storis on mobile versions running Android and iPhone. We will show the process of dragging and dropping content using the example of desktop execution of a media platform.

How to download Storis from Instagram – online: step-by-step instructions

We talk about downloading posts, regardless of the device used. There is an Internet resource called – a real lifesaver for the afflicted to hide extraneous pictures. To realize the intention, first run the specified site. Before downloading History from Instagram:

download instagram story

  • type in the search bar the name of the person whose publications you want to keep;
  • click from the list of nicknames on the desired item;
  • a list of stories available for moving to the device’s disk drive will open.

The proposed method is also valid for videos, and a user who has “stolen” posts will not suspect anything..

There is another download method implemented through the plugin for Google Chrome. After installing the “Download from Instagram” extension, follow these simple steps:

  • open the social site site on your PC;
  • log in with personal registration data;
  • Find the History you intend to download;
  • top left click on the corresponding button.

How to download Storis on the phone

Take advantage of the Weynstag website at

  • write in the search bar the name of someone else’s account;
  • click on the “Download Now” button to place materials in the phone storage.

On Android

Downloading Storys Instagram is available on Android devices using the Story Saver application. For the iPhone, we will look at software a bit later, which makes it easy to download content. So, the first thing to do is to visit the Play Market resource, where to find the utility.

  • install Story Saver;
  • open the client of the social network and the installed program;
  • Find the profile of the participant whose materials you want to get;
  • click on one of the buttons highlighted in the screenshot based on the publication format.

On iphone

It’s time to talk about saving photos, videos and Instagram Storis to gadgets with iOS. It’s all as simple as two and two – download the Repost Stories utility and log in using Insta’s login information..

Now in the frame you will see the followers of your personal page. It remains to click on the “Repost” button to download the desired Stories.

How to download another’s Story

By analogy with Google Chrome, fans of Mozilla Firefox have the opportunity to install an extension that solves the problem of downloading third-party content. Among the wide selection of add-ons, the IG Helper plugin for downloading Instagram Storis.

After installing the product, update your account and go to any History. From now on, a button for saving data is available in the upper right corner – as it is, as in Chrome.

We mentioned Weynstag earlier – let’s see how to use the resource to work on the computer:

  • follow the familiar link –;
  • indicate the name of a friend in the line highlighted in the photo;
  • next to the Story you are interested in, click on the “Download” button.

When the download is complete, you are free to move the material to Yandex.Disk. Then from the file hosting download posts directly to the memory of the mobile device. The method is especially relevant for iPhone, where there are likely problems in dragging and dropping files through a USB cable. In the case of Android, calmly use the cord to move the data.