How to download a story from Instagram to a computer

How to download History from Instagram to a computer, given the popularity of this service on a social network? Consider several ways to save your favorite content from a personal page, as well as from profiles of other users. Yes, with the help of third-party utilities you are able to download materials posted in the accounts of members of the social network!

In the case of a personal profile, everything is extremely simple. Go to Story and open an additional list of commands by clicking on three points.

Next, click the button that says save records and you’re done.

download story instagram on comp step one

How to download Storis from Instagram to a computer

Consider the methods for downloading Stories on a PC. The first thing we will do is work with the plug-in for Google Chrome. Then we’ll go over Internet services that do not require installing software on a computer. So, in Chrome, take the following steps:

  • click on the ellipsis in the upper right part, select the item “Additional tools” and then mark the line “Extensions”;
  • click on the three strips next to the inscription “Extensions”;
  • Before downloading Storis Instagram to a computer, in the drop-down sidebar, click on the bottom button highlighted in the screenshot;
  • in the search bar type “Download from Instagram”;
  • click on the “Install” button and complete the product installation;
  • Now go to the History of interest, click on the icon in the form of the letter “O” at the top and select the photos you want to save.

At, you can simply enter your username so you don’t bother with installing additional applications. After confirming the person’s choice, you are free to download any History you like on your PC hard drive.

In fact, allows you to do the same, only the download button is located below the content.

How to download photos from Storys

download story instagram on comp step two

Let’s turn to another popular program for Google Chrome, with which Instagram posts are saved. This is a fast Web for Instagram plus DM application with rich functionality..

Open your browser’s online store and enter the name of the product in the search bar. From the picture below it’s easy to understand how to install it (how to download).

Storis Instagram on the computer after installing the software appear in a separate frame. A download icon is visible next to each photo. When you click on the icon, the material will automatically move to the standard bottom Chrome save panel.

How to Download Actual Stories

To make it possible to host Stories in a long-term vault, move them to Current. In the History section, start the desired entry and click on three points in the bottom right of the window.

Now click on the inscription “Save” and the publication is in the current entries.

How to download video from History

how to watch story in instagram step four


We present to your attention a product that allows you to download video from the messenger – WinX YouTube Downloader. After installation, copy the video address and get ready for a series of operations:

  • in the application interface, click on the add link button (top left);
  • insert the link in the pop-up window and click “Analyze”;
  • wait for the preview icon to appear and highlight the media files;
  • then just click on the line “Download Selected Videos”.

How Storis Instagram is downloaded to a computer can be seen in the download bar at the bottom of the video. If the save did not start in automatic mode, then click on the image of the arrow on the left side. If the session ends successfully, a checkmark will appear, as shown in the image below..

YoutubeByClick has similar functionality – you copy the link to someone else’s profile to the program yourself:

  • when the window appears, click on it on the button “Upload photos / videos”.
  • probably the appearance of an additional frame with an account photo and video file;
  • the screenshot shows the directory for saving content;
  • click on the download button and wait for the process to finish;
  • select the upper left icon to view the folder with saved materials.