How to delete all saved files on Instagram: photos, videos and passwords

How to delete what’s saved on Instagram and why it doesn’t always work out is an outstanding question, but it requires a detailed review. Experienced users know that in the photo network there is a function to save useful photos in a special section with collections. As unnecessary, such information must be removed from the section. The article provides information on how this operation is performed..

how to delete saved in instagram

How to delete saved in Instagram?

To perform this operation, the user must follow the simple instructions:

  1. Insty application opens.
  2. Click the profile icon to go to your account.
  3. The side menu opens and the Saved tab is selected..
  4. A selection of images opens..
  5. Select the desired photo.
  6. The previously set checkbox is unchecked..

After that, the resource will offer to remove from the collection or remove excess from the account. The page owner must choose the appropriate option..

Photos and videos all at once

It is allowed to delete both individual photos and all previously saved ones. There is no built-in option for this focus, but a couple of ways are used to implement this operation. It is about using a special third-party application. It is easy to use:

  • The utility is installed on the gadget and its work starts;
  • The authorization table is displayed here. It is necessary to delete information from the account;
  • At the bottom, the Media tab is selected and clicked;
  • If you want to remove two or more posts at the same time, you need to select them with your finger. If you need to erase information, it is important to tap on the checkmark that is located on the right and select Select All;
  • Click the arrow icon;
  • In the window that appears after that, you need to activate Delete.

how to delete all saved files on instagram at once

After performing the above steps, how to delete all saved files on instagram at once, you can get the desired result.

How to delete saved passwords?

An account is allowed to clear not only photos, but other information that accumulates. It can be a complete removal of passwords and requests. To achieve such a result, the following actions are required:

  1. Go to profile.
  2. The menu opens, which is located in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to the Saved tab.
  4. Publication Opens.

If you click on a special flag, the photo will leave the list. The user, if desired, will be able to return it back by performing the opposite steps. If necessary, to clear the account of passwords and other authorization data, you will have to act according to an equally easy and understandable scheme:

  • Need to exit the profile;
  • Make an attempt to enter;
  • Attention will be presented with login options with passwords for profiles, if there are more than one;
  • You need to select the unnecessary and wait until it is deleted.

It is easy to remove a collection of images from a social network from a PC. To this end, you need to go to the web instu. In the upper right corner you need to find your own profile. Under the section with the main information, select Saved, open the publication and remove from bookmarks.

how to delete saved photos on instagram

If you want to delete the collection of saves in inst, you need to go to the bookmarks of the profile of the social network and open the collection. On the upper right, the line Edit Collection is selected. Next, you need to touch the tab associated with deleting the collection. The action taken is confirmed. After the operation, the collection will be deleted once, but the saved publications will be saved..

To summarize

The social network provides instagram users with many functions. This automatically clogs the memory in the application and prevents you from freely navigating in the information. To facilitate the use of the resource for yourself, you should regularly carry out operations to clear the memory of accumulated information and photos. Following the instructions provided, removal operations can be carried out in a few minutes..