How to create an anonymous survey on Instagram f3

This article will discuss how to do an anonymous survey on Instagram. Instagram polls are an interesting opportunity to ask your subscribers about something, motivate them to express an opinion about you or respond to interesting points.

There are usually two possible answers – part of the audience is for, part is against. At the end of the vote, the option with the highest number of votes (more than 50%) will be determined.

Before deciding how to create such a post, you must understand that they are made only on Instagram story. Accordingly, this procedure will not work from the computer. Let’s see how to create them from iPhone or Android, as well as make anonymous polls, if possible.

How to do an anonymous survey on Instagram?

There is a special application F3, which has gained considerable popularity, just like FaceApp. It appeared recently. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Download from the Google Play Market or from the App Store f3 for anonymous messages. Everyone remembers “” when we received anonymous messages from VK.
  • Install it and register.
  • Log in.
  • Set the profile photo, name and select the background.
  • You can always turn off anonymity in the settings..

Using f3

Now that we have installed the application, how to create an anonymous survey on Instagram? You need to do the following:

  • We enter the application f3.
  • In the lower left corner, click on the “house” icon.
  • Click on “copy link”.
  • We place the link in the header of the Instagram account.
  • Post a request to the story or tape to ask you something, indicate a link or show that it is in the profile header.
  • Before you conduct a session, create a beautiful background for the story or publication to attract subscribers. Now you can arrange a full session with communication, and they will ask more, because they will be anonymous. And in ordinary, many are afraid to participate.

If more than 10 thousand people are subscribed to your account, then you can post the link directly to the story and swipe up.

How to arrange an anonymous survey on Instagram?

After the publication of stories, messages from indifferent users should sprinkle. Instruction:

  • We answer user questions in the application.
  • Attach a photo as desired or background.
  • After the answer, the “save” function will appear.
  • Then share the answer with the picture VKontakte, Instagram, Snepchat.
  • You can just save the picture with the answer to the gallery, and then post it to the story.

You can ask a person even in the absence of the f3 application. Just follow the link and ask something. If there is a service, hide your name in order to remain anonymous.

Questions live with the recipient for three days, after which they are deleted. You can set up anonymous polls in story with the choice of two answer options using from your computer.

They try to use the innovation not only on Instagram, but also in contact or other social networks. Try it and you!