How to add a location on Instagram which is not listed in 2020

How to add a place on Instagram to tell other users about where you visited and what you visited in 2020? A mark about the current address is an important element of publication if you share with your subscribers your impressions of visiting another country, an interesting cultural monument, exhibition, restaurant or cafe, or any other objects. Using the geolocation of Instagram and Facebook, other users can quickly find where the place you mentioned is located.

how to add location on instagram

Location helps companies attract attention from potential customers.

How to add your place on Instagram

To add your current point on the map to the publication on the social network Instagram, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Log in with your username and password.
  2. Using the bottom menu, go to the section for adding a new publication by clicking on the plus image.
  3. Turn on the GPS on your phone and allow the Instagram application access to the function of determining the current position.
  4. Start typing the current place in the corresponding line when adding a publication.
  5. From the proposed list, select the appropriate option.

If all the manipulations were performed correctly, after the post is published, the place where the photo or video was taken will be displayed under the profile nickname. You can also put a position on the map in history using a special icon.

how to add your place on instagram

No facebook

How to add location to instagram without facebook? The specified social networks are connected with each other, in some cases it will not work to perform certain manipulations without having an account in another.

Add a new location on Instagram, if it has not yet been created by other users, without a Facebook account it will not work.

How to add a place on Instagram if it is not in the list

To create a new location on Instagram, you need to download and install the Facebook application on your smartphone, log in or create an account on a social network. Next, perform the following steps:

  1. Activate the geolocation on the smartphone (the function is enabled in the gadget settings or through the upper quick access curtain).
  2. Go to Instagram and link Facebook account to social network.
  3. On Facebook, make a note with the mark of the current place.
  4. Log in to Instagram again and post a photo or video.

The location added on Facebook will be available at any time, not only to you, but also to other users of both social networks.